Judge tries to shut down fake Facebook page

Judge Belvin Perry known for Casey Anthony trial

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Chief Judge Belvin Perry is the victim of a fake Facebook page, a spokeswoman for the judge says.

Perry, who's presided over some major cases in the 9th Judicial Circuit including the Casey Anthony trial, is now trying to shut down the page, which appears to be managed by the judge.

In fact, on Easter Sunday, it seemed the popular judge posted this message: "I woke up to someone in my house.......Good thing it was just the Easter Bunny!...happy Easter everyone!!"

But it's all just a big hoax. In an email to Local 6, the judge's spokeswoman, Karen Levey, wrote, "Judge Perry periodically has sites show up such as Facebook pages with the appearance of being created and maintained by Judge Perry. We ask these individuals to please remove all content which purports to come directly from Judge Perry or the court and may be misleading."

So far, the page has about 1,900 friends including many people who thanked the well-known judge for accepting them. Some of the page's friends even posted pictures of the judge and his family.

"We are currently working to shut down this particular Facebook page. I can't confirm the origination of the page," wrote Levey.

Based on the page's activity, it seems it was set up in November 2012.

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