Lawyer confident bankruptcy won't clear Casey Anthony from defamation suit

Matt Morgan represents woman Anthony blamed for daughter's kidnapping

ORLANDO, Fla. - The attorney representing Zenaida Gonzalez in her civil case against Casey Anthony says he's confident Anthony's bankruptcy won't excuse her from any finding of wrongdoing.

"It does not discharge, it does not get rid of, it does not extinguish our claim against Casey Anthony," said Matt Morgan, Gonzalez's lawyer.

He admits the bankruptcy documents Anthony filed Friday will delay his client's case, but he says it doesn't mean Anthony won't have to face the claims.

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"We're going to get justice. We're going to have Casey Anthony held accountable and we're not gonna let her get off easy," Morgan said.

Morgan says despite Anthony's long list of debtors, he expects the Florida mother acquitted of her daughter's murder to profit from the case's publicity in the near future.

"Ultimately I believe Casey Anthony is going to profit at some point in time," said Morgan. "Somebody's going to pay her for a book deal, a movie deal or something."

Morgan said he hopes any income Anthony gains would first go toward damages in the Gonzalez defamation case, granted a jury finds Anthony did defame Gonzalez by telling investigators a woman of the same name kidnapped Caylee.

According to Morgan, his client's case against Anthony will at least endure a 90-120 day stay as a result of the bankruptcy proceedings.

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