Local 6 viewers give thanks, share moments on Facebook

From a cancer-free diagnosis to a miraculous pregnancies, viewers say never give up

By Allison McGinley - News Director

ORLANDO, Fla. - The story of a five-year-old cancer survivor who wanted to spend the day as a super hero went viral in November.

The world heard the San Francisco boy's story and thousands came out to cheer him on.

Recent studies have shown positive news spreads fast online-- even faster than bad news.

In time for Thanksgiving, Local 6 tested that theory asking viewers to share their ‘most thankful moments.'

We expected the dozens of likes, were pleased to see some shares, but oh the stories you shared.

"I am thankful to be here today," said Maria Greenfield of Longwood who has been battling stage four breast cancer for 18 months.

She's thankful because she's now winning that battle.

"On Halloween day I had a PET scan which showed 9 of my 12 tumors have actually shrunk some of them almost half the size," said Greenfield.

Her message to viewers, "No matter what anyone tells you it's all in here it's all inside you."

Nadia Lambert of Orlando posted, "I'm thankful for my mom for opening her heart."

"If it wasn't for her I would be homeless on the street," said Lambert, "since losing my job two years ago, it's been very hard, no transportation, finding a job has been very difficult, but I can tell you the blessing of family is they come through amazingly."

And then there are the precious photos shared by viewers.

Like Crystal Boutwell's most thankful moment:  the day her husband came home from deployment and got to meet their daughter for the very first time.

Or the baby photo Jesse Hinsch posted of her son James.

Born with a rare heart defect in May of 2006, James had surgery, and spent 23 days in ICU at Shands, but today he is all smiles and growing up strong.

"She's my first granddaughter she's been my guardian angel," says Yvonne Overway of Orlando who beams when she talks about her granddaughter, 10-month-old Rose Marie, who Overway feared would never hear her grandmother's voice.

"I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer," she explained.

But after two surgeries this year she's now cancer free

Her first words to her new grand baby, "Hi, It's grandma. I love you."

"She brightens my day every day," said Overway.

14-year-old Joshua brightens the lives of Tameasa Provencher and her husband Dave.

That's why Provencher says this is her most thankful moment-- the day Joshua was born.

"I was so worried we would suffer a miscarriage again with him," she said.

Provencher was always told diabetes would make it impossible to have a baby but her ‘baby' is now 14.

"He's amazing. He makes our life amazing. We love being together as a family," said Provencher.

She says people need to take chances.

"If I had not taken the chance, I would not have Joshua and I'm so thankful for him. Never give up. Never," she said.

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