Lynx issues at least 42 red-light tickets in 1 year

Local 6 examines citations from Orange, Osceola counties

ORLANDO, Fla - Public buses are not immune to red-light camera citations or fines and over the last year the Central Florida Transportation Authority, or Lynx, was issued 42 tickets for red-light runners.

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The videos depict Lynx buses, vans and Access Lynx para transit vehicles cruising through red lights.

Local 6 examined citations from Orange County, the City of Orlando and the City of Kissimmee since last February.

In Orange County there were six citations, in Orlando there were 15, six in Winter Park and 15 in Kissimmee. Citations in the city of Apopka, which also uses red-light cameras, were not analyzed.

According to Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles accident data, Lynx buses caused at least two accidents since 2012 for running red lights.

One happened at a bus signal light in downtown Orlando in November 2012. According to the crash report, the Lynx driver broadsided a BMW sedan and caused "disabling" damage.

In a January 2013 incident, a Lynx bus turned right on red after the opposing traffic turn signal had gone green. The bus hit a 53-year-old woman driving a Dodge Durango.

A Lynx spokesperson said the agency takes the citations very seriously, with an escalating discipline scale. Drivers have to pay their own citation and they are suspended without pay for a week when they receive one. The second nets drivers a two-week suspension and on the third offense they are fired.

Lynx said that no one has been fired in the past year for running red lights and they claim there are actually fewer incidents of the problem than in the past.

According to Lynx, 32 citations were issued to their employees from Feb. 1, 2012, through Jan. 31, 2014. According to information analyzed by Local 6, Lynx bus and van drivers alone were issued 18 red-light citations. 

The remaining 24 citations were issued to Access Lynx paratransit drivers who are contracted employees through a separate company.

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