Makers of ‘Wake Up' pill claims to give you energy in the morning

Pill Maker says you can take the pill at night, wake up refreshed

By Allison McGinley - News Director

ORLANDO, Fla. - Caffeine is finding its way into all sorts of unexpected products lately; gum, beef jerky, even Colgate is reportedly designing a toothbrush that will release caffeine.

The makers of these products know Americans are suckers for a quick burst of energy.   

We know caffeine will perk us up, but not without side effects. In fact, just this spring, the Food and Drug Administration began investigating the safety of all of the products on the market boasting added caffeine.

Single mom of three Cathy Beggan thinks there's a safer way to boost energy. She's the brains behind the Rise ‘n Shine all natural, energy pill called Wake Up On Time.

The active ingredients include b vitamins, amino acids to boost mood, guarana seed extract, which is a natural form of caffeine, and Siberian ginseng.

The magic behind the pills, Begann says, is the special coating over the tablets that will delay the initial release of the ingredients so you can take it at bedtime it will never prevent you from falling asleep, but it will kick in when you need it most when it's time to wake up in the morning.

Sleep specialist Dr. Puneet Patni says there's not enough research to confirm whether supplements can improve sleep quality or wakefulness.

"There really isn't any great clinical data that's been consistently shown to work in where these supplements work in either situation," said Patni.

Beggan recommends six to eight hours of sleep when taking wake up on time.

Doctors say the average adult should get an average of 7 hours of sleep a night.

They also recommend the best way to ensure that good night's sleep is to get regular exercise and reduce the amount of sugary and processed foods you eat.

If you've tried everything and still don't feel rested, experts say it could be the sign of a bigger problem like sleep apnea.

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