Masked gunman scared off in failed robbery

Witness thought attempt was 'a joke'

By Mark Lehman - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orange County deputies are searching for a man who tried, but failed to rob a drug store clerk at gunpoint.

The robbery attempt happened at the CVS located at 5300 S. John Young Parkway in Orlando.

According to deputies, a masked man dressed in all black clothing walked into the store around 2 a.m. Tuesday and pointed a handgun at the store clerk.

Deputies said the clerk and customers inside took off running once the weapon was spotted.  The gunman then ran out the front door of the store.

"I was, like, probably this was a joke," said Kimberly Delgado who witnessed the robbery attempt.  "But seriously when he was staring at me with that evil face I was, like, no it's time to run."

Deputies tried to track the gunman using a K9, but were unsuccessful.

Detectives are looking at surveillance video to get a better description of the culprit.

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