Michelle Parker's family works out custody arrangement for missing mom's twins

Parker vanished Nov. 17 after appearing on TV show

SANFORD, Fla. - A new custody agreement has been reached between the family of Michelle Parker, a missing mother of three who was last seen in mid-November, and her ex-fiance Dale Smith, the Parker family attorney told Fox News.

Parker, 33, vanished Nov. 17 after she appeared on an episode of "The People's Court" with Smith, who is the prime suspect in her disappearance.  He has not been charged with any crime, however.

Smith, 40, has custody of the couple's 3-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.  Parker also has an 11-year-old son from another relationship.

In an interview with Geraldo Rivera on Sunday, Parker's sister, Lauren Erickson, and Parker family attorney Matt Morgan said a new custody arrangement has been worked out.

"We were able to come to an agreement in regard to visitation with the granchildren," Morgan said.

Parker's mother, Yvonne Stewart, will now get to spend time with her grandchildren on a regular basis, said Morgan, who added that Stewart decorated a Christmas tree with the twins on Sunday.

"She's just spending the night with them right now," Erickson said on Sunday.  "I spent some time with them and watched 'Cars 2.'  It was uplifting to see them."

Erickson said the twins have not been told about their mother's disappearance.
"They're 3-and-a-half.  They seem fine, you know, happy, healthy little kids," Erickson said.  "They just make the comment, like, 'Mommy's on vacation' or 'Mommy's at work,' when they talk about Michelle."

Rivera asked Erickson if she thinks Smith was involved in her sister's disappearance.
"Wow, that's a big one.  I think that, as of right now, no one has been arrested," she said.

Detectives recently found Parker's iPhone and are working to get clues from it.

"I know that they're searching through the phone with technical teams, but I honestly don't know if they've found anything," Erickson said.

Rivera then asked Erickson if she thought her sister was dead.

"I mean, I'd be a liar if I said it hadn't crossed my mind.  I don't have anything out there evidence wise that shows me that she is.  My hope is still that I get to see her again one day," Erickson said.

Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters attended a truck pull Saturday in Sanford, with the proceeds going to benefit Parker's children.  It's not known how much money was raised.

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