New technology helps parents watch over teen drivers

CDC: Crashes are the number one cause of death among teenagers in America

By Allison McGinley - News Director

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Centers for Disease Control reports teen drivers are three times more likely than adults to be in a deadly crash.

Now, new technology is allowing parents to keep an eye on teens even when they're not in the passenger seat.  

Catherine Gabell installed a system, called Drivecam, on her son's car. It activates every time 17-year-old Jeff Gabell does something the system deems unsafe.

"You know that if you screw up they're going to catch you and it's going to get reported," says the teen driver.

Drivecam is just one of several new technologies used to keep kids safe on the road.

Geofencing is another system. It not only notifies parents if the car is driven above a certain speed, but also outside a certain perimeter. Parents can log onto a website and see where the car is at any given time.

If you think this type of monitoring is a little much, insurance companies urge parents to look at is a precaution, not an intrusion.

"It's not a matter of not trusting them but a matter of improving their driving skill," says Loretta Worters, vice president of the Insurance Information Institute.

American Family Insurance Company offers the Drivecam to its clients for free for one year as part of its teen safe driver program.

If you don't have American Family as your insurance company, Drivecam will cost $900 to get the camera along with a year's worth of professional advice for your teen.

Some car manufacturers incorporate Geofence in their cars and offer it as an add-on service for a monthly charge.

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