NFL players in Orlando for free youth football clinic

400 children attended football clinic

By Candace Campos - Meteorologist, Tracy Richardson - Web Editor

ORLANDO, Fla. - About 400 kids came together at Olympia High School to train with some famous National Football League pros.

[LINK: Devin Hester Foundation]

Raised in Florida, Atlanta Falcons punt returner Devin Hester was joined by fellow teammates and other NFL friends for his annual free youth football clinic, the first in Orlando.

Hester said, "You know it's a learning experience, it's fun, it's not stressful here, you won't have any coaches here yelling at you."

Hester created this foundation, the Devine Hester Foundation, in hopes of creating a positive environment where kids can develop educationally, socially and physically while motivating them to become active in the community.

"It puts myself back in the day when I was looking at older guys and athletes in the NFL. I always looked up to them and wanted to meet them, so if kids want to come meet me I want to give them the opportunity to see me," said Hester.

With constant hydration in this summer heat, kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida and other youth organizations were taught football skills, drills and tips, as well as life lessons.

The clinic hosted kids ranging from 6 to 15 years old and gave them an opportunity to "Race against Devin" in hopes of winning the title of the "Fastest Athlete in Camp." Hester told us how impressed he was with all the talent he saw on the fields Saturday.

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