Orlando Police: Women attacked at Valencia College

Attacker still on the loose, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman was knocked unconscious and another was punched in the mouth during a violent attack in the parking lot of Valencia College, said Orlando police.

Police said the attack happened Wednesday evening around 9:15 p.m. in the campus parking Lot F near Building 11, and they have few details about the suspect.

As Orlando police hunt for the man who the attacked two girls, the victims are speaking exclusively to Local 6 in order to warn other women. Anna Wytiaz, 18, and Jenna Mullin, 17, said they are scared the man could attack again.

The victims have no idea what the man wanted, but said he shouted "excuse me" as they walked through the parking lot after a night class. The women ignored the man and continued to walk to their car, but said he suddenly grabbed Mullin tried to "tug her away."

Wytiaz tried to help her friend, but the attacker punched her in the mouth. Then, he grabbed Mullin, threw her head against a car and knocked her out. She woke up to paramedics and police surrounding her, and still has a black eye from the attack.

"I still wake up screaming, the past couple nights. I can't go to bed," said Wytiaz. "We're mentally really scarred. Everytime I close my eyes, all I can picture is my best friend being grabbed and sitting there calling 911, scared that she's not waking up."

As the man ran away, Wytiaz called 9-1-1, hysterical.

"She's still unconscious and he's still out there and I'm here, alone," Wytiaz recalled. "I was scared that maybe he was going to come for me. In my head, when I was on the phone, I was like, 'Please, I hope he's not coming back to kill us or take us.'"

The women said they're nervous on their own campus and they think walking in pairs saved Mullin's life.

"I wouldn't be here today if I didn't have someone with me," said Mullin, who plans to be escorted to her car by campus security after every night class.

The victims were only able to get a vague description of their attacker.

An OPD spokesman told Local 6, officers searched the entire campus area but never found the suspect.

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