Overlooked evidence could play role in Casey Anthony civil case

Lawyers for Casey Anthony, Zenaida Gonzalez react to Local 6 probe

ORLANDO, Fla. - Civil attorneys for Casey Anthony and a woman who claims Anthony defamed her are reacting to a Local 6 investigation that found investigators overlooked computer evidence that prosecutors could have used to argue Anthony murdered her daughter, Caylee.


The evidence, which both the sheriff's and prosecutor's offices admit they failed to obtain from the Anthony family computer, includes an Internet search for "foolproof suffocation," followed by a visit to a website that discusses death by poison, suffocation and plastic bags -- the three things the state alleged Anthony used to kill Caylee and dispose of her body.

Anthony's civil attorney, Charles Greene, said he believes the evidence "would not be admissible" because Anthony is only accused of defaming a Kissimmee woman who has a similar name to the the imaginary nanny Anthony blamed for kidnapping Caylee.

Zenaida Gonzalez' attorney, Keith Mitnik, said he found the developments "very interesting." But, he added, Gonzalez' team at the Morgan and Morgan law firm has "not had a chance to assess it or see how it could fit into our case at this point."

Both sides are scheduled to appear next month at a hearing, where Greene will argue the jury should be barred from hearing any evidence related to Caylee's death.

Like Jose Baez, Anthony's criminal attorney, Greene also maintains the "prosecution knew about" the computer evidence. He and Baez argue the prosecution did not reveal it at trial because it contradicted the timeline given by a key state's witness, Anthony's father George.

The civil defamation trial has been postponed, while Anthony continues to appeal her only convictions at trial,  misdemeanors for lying to police.

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