Parents upset over PETA turkey ad

PETA: Ad not a scare tactic

ORLANDO, Fla. - A new ad by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is sparking outrage with Orlando parents.

The ad, featuring a turkey with the head of a dog, reads, "Kids: If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Go Vegan."

PETA hopes the ad stops shoppers from buying turkeys for Thanksgiving, but parents said it goes too far.

"The ad is inappropriate because the kids don't make the decisions, the parents do. You're just scaring the fudge out of the kids," said Christina Jimenez.

Parents said it should be up to them to decide when they talk to their kids about the issue.

"I don't want to get graphic with her. She's too young for that," said Shannon Steffee.

PETA admits it is targeting children like other advertisers.

"It's important to teach kids because they are young enough to have open minds that animals are not food. They do feel pain," said Bryan Wilson, a PETA spokesman.

PETA plans on putting the ad on billboards near schools throughout Florida.

But parents said it's the wrong message, and that most children won't understand.

"It's wrong. It should be an ad for adults, not children. There's no reason to scare children," said Jimenez.

PETA said the ad isn't a scare tactic but another way of looking at the issue.

"Just because turkeys aren't cute and fuzzy like puppies and kittens doesn't mean they don't suffer," said Wilson.

PETA supporters spent Friday night passing out flyers at a Publix in Orlando encouraging children and parents to find an alternative to turkey.

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