Park Rangers: No bread for Lake Eola swans in new diet

Park Rangers are asking visitors to stop giving bread to swans

ORLANDO, Fla. - It's a no-carb diet for the Lake Eola swans, according to park rangers.

Orlando city officials have put up signs asking Lake Eola visitors to not feed the swans bread. Instead, three coin-operated feeders will be installed around the lake in the coming weeks.

Orlando nanny Laureen Munfus told Local 6 she didn't notice the new swan signs.

"The kids when they have their sandwiches, they don't like the rims so we always save those for the birds," she said.

Park rangers are asking visitors to stop giving bread to the swans.

"It binds the swans up, basically constipates them, and it also- the yeast in it is not good for the lake as well," said Chris Wallace, park manager.

In the past year, there's growing concern over the swan's health.

"We've seen people bring in all kinds of food, from bringing baloney, and hot dogs," he said.

Last summer, a black neck swan died after eating too much popcorn, Wallace said.

There's no fine for breaking the swan's no-carb diet, rather park rangers are hoping people will comply by giving swans lettuce, spinach, and farm pellets instead.

The feeders are expected to be up July 12, but in the meantime, park rangers are passing out brochures that tell visitors what they can bring to feed the swans.

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