Police: Man spit on flight attendants, tried to fight other passengers

Orlando police say Sean J. Kelly, 32, spit on flight attendants

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Sean J. Kelly

ORLANDO, Fla. - Police say a man was arrested after he allegedly spit on flight attendants and threatened to fight other passengers on a flight that was diverted to Orlando.

The flight's original path was from Cancun, Mexico to London, but the plane had to land in Orlando because Orlando police say 32-year-old Sean J. Kelly was irate on board on the plane.

According to an arrest affidavit, Kelly had been spitting on flight attendants and cursing while trying to pick fights with everyone he made eye contact with.

After landing in Orlando, U.S. Customs agents boarded the plane, along with Orlando police officers.

While a customs agent was handcuffing Kelly, police said Kelly began to pull away and resist him. Police said they were able to step in, control Kelly and handcuff him.

In a hallway under the air side, police said Kelly began to look at one of the officers with "targeting glances, moving his eyes up and down her body as if sizing her up."

As police told him to stop, Kelly said to the officer "I will kill you," before Kelly used his right foot to try and kick behind him, his intent being to strike the officer, missing her.

When Kelly tried to strike the officer, another officer yanked Kelly forward while tripping Kelly with his right foot, according to the affidavit.

A 750 ml bottle of Stolichnaya vodka was given to police by British Airlines' agents, who stated that Kelly had been drinking onboard, said police.

While in the holding cell, police said Kelly began shadow-boxing and shouting out further threats to kill and do bodily harm to law enforcement officers waiting outside.

Kelly had suffered a minor injury to his left eye during his struggle with officers, said police.

Kelly was transported to the BRC and charged with resisting a law enforcement officer with violence and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

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