Senators Rubio, Nelson weigh in on Zimmerman trial verdict

Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson talk about stand your ground law

ORLANDO, Fla. - Less than one week ago, George Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. As the nation deals with the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, Florida's U.S. senators are weighing in.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R) told Local 6 he fully supports Florida's stand your ground law the way it's currently structured.

"Stand your ground is a state law. If the citizens of Florida want to change it, they can work with their legislature," Rubio said. "The attorney general needs to focus on his job, which quite frankly he doesn't do very well."

He added that when the legislature meets in regular session, every law, including stand your ground, is up for review.

Rubio also said he's concerned about the intent of a federal review of Zimmerman's case.

"If they do it I hope they do it in a professional manner, not a political one," he said.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D) said he respects the jury's verdict but stand your ground should be re-evaluated to see if the law is applied the way it was intended.

"How do you avoid and prevent excessive force being used when you can turn and walk away, and at what point do you defend your life?" Nelson said.

Rubio hopes the new questions raised by the Zimmerman verdict will not deter Floridians from working together.

"This is a time to bring people together and reconcile as a country and as a people and state," Rubio said. "Not going around saying outrageous statements that defame Florida and divide our people against each other."

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