Sheriff disciplines speeding deputies

Take-home care privileges suspended for 13 offenders

ORLANDO, Fla. - Thirteen Orange County deputies, found to have sped up to 109 miles an hour on area toll roads, have had their take-home cars taken away under discipline issued by Sheriff Jerry Demings.

The suspension of their take-home privileges range from one to 14 weeks, based on how often the deputies sped over 90 miles an hour when they were not responding to calls, according to sheriff's records obtained by Local 6.

"If there's no reason to be driving that speed, certainly we're going to have to discipline them, and we did," Demings told Local 6.

The actions came after Local 6 used toll records and distances between toll plazas to calculate how fast  law enforcement was traveling when not responding to calls.

One deputy, Raymond Torrellas, lost his take-home vehicle for 12 weeks, after his vehicle was clocked at more than 100 mph four times in July.

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