Story that Olympics technician murdered among recent web hoaxes

Thousands share salacious stories that are quickly debunked

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A mishap occurred when an LED snowflake failed to complete the Olympic rings at the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympics.

It was what didn't happened at the Sochi opening ceremonies instead of what happened that got the most media attention.

An elaborate display of lit snowflakes was meant to morph into the five infamous Olympic rings, except only four of the snowflakes took their proper shape.

That's when what appears to have been another web hoax took off.

Thousands spread a story over the weekend that the technician responsible for the Olympic ring malfunction had been murdered. 

Days later several media organizations reported the entire story was a hoax.

Also populating the news feeds this week was the rumor that LA Clippers player Blake Griffin punched Justin Bieber.

Thousands cheered on Griffin for taking on the 'Beebs' which apparently never happened.

"There's a lot of things on the internet that are outrageous or salacious, but that doesn't mean they are true" said Aaron Sharockman, the editor for the Tampa-Bay Times Pundit Fact.

Sharockman, and his counterparts at Politifact, make a living by checking out viral rumors.

Tonight at 11 PM, Local 6's Erik Sandoval is taking on some popular and controversial viral rumors.

Erik's report will features tips on how to be a fact checker and think before you share.

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