Travel insurance may not cover all the perils of hurricane season

Experts advise cancellation for any reason coverage

HEATHROW, Fla. - A hurricane can come ashore and destroy your home or the resort in the destination where you are planning to travel.

Unless you plan on leaving your home in disarray and heading on your trip, or staying in a resort that is in disrepair you should probably consider travel insurance during hurricane season.

While most trip cancellation waivers and travel insurance plans cover weather events, they may not cover the actual damage sustained by the storm may not be a cause for trip cancellation.

At the national AAA headquarters in Heathrow, travel planners caution travelers against plans that do not include cancellation for any reason coverage.

"You want to make sure the coverage is enough to cover the cost of your trip,"  said Scott Bardle, the senior travel club manager for AAA of Central Florida.

Bardle also advised that you check to see that the policy includes default coverage, so that if the company you are traveling with goes out of business you will be covered for the entire amount you paid for the trip.

Travel insurance is different from a trip cancellation waiver because it does not end when your trip begins.  A good policy will include emergency medical and medical transportation coverage as well.

"You will still want that element of protection even if you know you are going to travel, you never know what's going to happen when you're in a destination," said Bardle.

He added that it is important to select a reputable company.  AAA sells insurance with their vacation packages through Allianz. 

To check the reputation of a company and even read user reviews and complaints head to 

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