Truck flips in front yard of Central Florida home

Surprised neighbors see crashed cars

ORLANDO, Fla. - An accident Thursday evening sent two vehicles into the front yard of a home in the 2000 block of Fern Creek Avenue. Neighbors say the crash sounded like an explosion and looked outside to see cars flipped in a front yard.

 "I was just in the back of the house and I heard a real loud explosion, I mean it was really loud. I thought it was the end of time," said Joe Kaniecki whose front yard the vehicles came to a rest in. Kaniecki walked out of his home to find a pick-up truck and car that collided were feet away from his own parked car and house. The truck was flipped over and the car was wedged against his neighbors house with the driver still inside. "I tried to get to the young lady from the passenger side and grabbed a fire extinguisher just in case and my wife was with 911," said Kaniecki.

Neighbors say the woman driving the car and a passenger in the truck were taken to the hospital but were expected to recover. "The driver, he didn't want medical help. He was bleeding on the side of the head and was just kind of standing there in a daze and from my understanding, he was the one who caused it trying to pass somebody," said Kaniecki.

Neighbors were the ones who rushed to help the three people involved. They're thankful they'll be alright but also wish people would slow down. "We have people that are speeding down this road in a neighborhood and they need to watch themselves when its raining. This is the second time this has happened in under a year so i'm a little concerned. People need to be a little more courteous," said another man living on Fern Creek Avenue.

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