Woman walks in on burglar who had her gun

Anthony Nunez arrested for burglary in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando woman told Local 6 that she walked in on a man who had broken into her home and had her gun.

Kristi Oglesby said she could have been killed when she walked into her home near South Conway Road and Curry Ford Road on Wednesday.

"We don't feel safe in our own home," said Oglesby.

She said the burglar pulled his truck into an easement behind her home that's hidden from view. His truck was so well hidden that she never noticed it when she came home. If it weren't for a broken door, Oglesby might not have known to be on guard.

"I came in and I noticed the back door was busted in, and the glass was everywhere," said Oglesby, who added that although her home had been ransacked, she never thought the burglar would still be inside.

"I ended up hearing the person still in the house," she said. "I was kind of terrified at that point."

She screamed loud enough to get the burglar's attention, but police say accused burglar Anthony Nunez had already stolen her husband's gun.

"I didn't know at the time that he had my gun. I knew we had weapons in the house, of course, and I wasn't able to see anything that was taken," she said. "I was scared. At that point, I had so much adrenaline I wasn't thinking I could have been hurt or killed."

She said she keeps thinking that she could have been killed by her own gun in her own home by a burglar who could have snapped.

"It just makes you realize people will do anything to get their fix and they don't have any regard for other people or their possessions or their property or their lives," said Oglesby, who realizes she's lucky the burglar decided to make a break for it instead of running after her.

She thinks the cut-through behind her house played a part in making her home a target because it makes for easy access and escape. Although Nunez used the cut-through to escape to the main street, he didn't get far. Oglesby wrote down his license plate, dialed 911 and said officers arrested him 10 minutes later.

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