Workation trend allows employees to work and play

Recent survey finds 75% of employees rank workplace flexibility as their top benefit

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Been a long week, right? Are you dying for a getaway but you just can't break away from work?

How about considering a "workation?"

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A growing number of workers are packing their tech and heading to paradise at least for the short term.

When Vanessa Van Edwards and her husband decided to travel they chose not to leave their careers behind.

"We literally had our entire office in our computer, on Skype, and with our phone," said Vanessa.

Not all work, not all vacation, experts say "workations" like the trip Van Edwards took are growing in popularity.

"We were able to network with people and in industries we had never thought we'd be able to. and even if it's the same work, the different atmosphere inspires you. It's a way to really recharge your life, recharge your work," said Van Edwards.

Co-working, co-living sites like The Surf Office offer travelers office space, and the ability to meet new people all while enjoying the local surroundings.

"They run yoga workshops, they do wine tastings, they do sort of group communal dinners. Already in the short time I've been here I've actually made a lot of very interesting connections and I'm hoping to kind of forge new business relationships," said one working traveler.

"I feel like i can be more productive in a workation. You have a lot more creativity and freedom and mental space to, to be able to produce," said another.

Some companies are taking it a step further taking their all employees on a group workation. 

ZenPayroll CEO Joshua Reeves says it's a great way to team build, "Sometimes just literally changing environment can create a big impact in terms of helping someone think about what they're doing differently."

 A recent survey found 75 percent of employees rank workplace flexibility as their top benefit.

Dan Schawbel, founder of, says the workation gives employees a taste of that flexibility.

The workation is becoming increasingly popular because employees know that they're getting less and less personal time but they want more and more flexibility. it's one way employers are coping with this."

Some tips for a successful workation:

  • Be aware of time zones and communication.
  • Make sure to stay someplace with strong internet connectivity. 
  • Have good self-discipline since you're managing your own schedule.

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