Zimmerman lawsuit details security plans

Zimmerman's attorney calls security leak "violation of client confidence"

George Zimmerman is now the target of a new lawsuit by the men who were supposed to protect him and his family.

When Zimmerman walked out of the Seminole County jail, his attorney believed his client had a bounty on his head. But in a bombshell statement to Local 6, attorney Stephen Milbrath, who filed the 73-page lawsuit, claims Zimmerman does not need security.

Bodyguard Christopher Rumbaugh, whose company CMR Associates filed the lawsuit Friday, alleges Zimmerman, his wife Shellie, and attorney Mark O'Mara, owe roughly $27,000 for security work performed over the summer. In order to win the lawsuit, Rumbaugh's attorneys revealed security secrets pertaining to Zimmerman's release from jail following the Trayvon Martin shooting. The suit details sophisticated security plans, including using disguises and switching rental cars to conceal Zimmerman from paparazzi.

The suit claims Zimmerman and his wife demanded two body guards at all times -- even when security staff believed it wasn't needed.

"My client[Rumbaugh] thought it was more than he needed to do the job," said attorney Milbrath. "Maybe they[Zimmerman] were a little over-reacting, but in context, perhaps that was understandable."

Under the "Operational plan," guards avoided paparazzi by using "counter surveillance."

Zimmerman wore "concealed body armor" when he left the jail, got into a rental car and was taken to the Shingle Creek Resort. From there, guards took him into a handicap restroom, where he changed and put on a hat and glasses. Then, Zimmerman switched cars again and went to a safe house.

Local 6's Shaun Chaiyabhat asked Milbrath, "Why would you put an operational plan for someone who still needs security in a public record?"
Milbrath replied, "I don't know that Mr. Zimmerman needs secuirty. He claims not to... If he does need that security, one would think he would have paid for what he asked for previously."

O'Mara told Local 6, he believes the security company was over-charging for their services, and the lawsuit and it's details are a "violation of client confidence."

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