Palm Bay honors life-saving officers and firefighters

City leaders honor men for 'acts of heroism'

PALM BAY, Fla. - City leaders in Palm Bay will honor two police officers and two firefighters for risking their lives during "acts of heroism."

Officers James Bearden and Shane Carroll and firefighters Jim Hamor and Matthew St. Pierre will be recognized at Thursday's city council meeting at 7 p.m.

On July 14, Bearden and Carroll searched for a suspect who threatened to shoot and kill his family members. While searching on Sea Grape Street Northeast, both officers found the suspect in the driveway of his home. The man ran away from the two officers and shot at them, hitting Bearden in the neck.

Both officers fired back and retreated to safety. The SWAT team eventually showed up and, after a long standoff, arrested the man.

"Their ability to communicate and make tactical decisions...saved their own lives and undoubtedly the lives of other officers and innocent civilians," said Sgt. Tim Lancaster.

A week later, Lt. Jim Hamor of the fire department noticed a woman collapsed behind the wheel while driving home on Babcock Street. Lt. Hamor turned his vehicle around and stopped it in front of the woman's car to prevent it from continuing down the road uncontrolled.

Matthew St. Pierre was also driving home and noticed Lt. Hamor's actions. St. Pierre stopped his car and tried to revive the woman after discovering she had a heart attack. St. Pierre stabilized the woman while Lt. Hamor radioed for an ambulance. The woman was taken to the hospital and she survived the heart attack.

"These firefighters are shining examples of the type of character we all admire," said Fire Chief Jim Stables. "Whether on duty or not, they will always do the right thing."

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