Palm Bay police unveil new anti-theft tool

Glue-like substance contains micro serial number

PALM BAY, Fla. - Palm Bay police officers unveiled a new anti-theft tool on Tuesday that tracks stolen items by putting a clear, glue-like substance on their belongings.

Cop Dots contains a micro dot with a serial number unique to the person who owns the items.

The substance will be sold for $30 at the 41 Lowe's department stores throughout Central Florida.

"When you buy a pen we would like you to mark all your property at one time," said Shawn Andreas, president of Cop Dots.

Using Cop Dots will also help victims get their stolen items back faster.

"We've not seen anything like this, in the market that is proactive in technology, than this is," said Palm Bay police chief Doug Muldoon.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Cocoa police and Orlando police will be using the Cop Dots program.

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