Police, bus drivers caught running red lights

Intersection footage shows dangerous driving in Central Florida

OCOEE, Florida - Video obtained by Local 6 shows local police officers and school bus drivers barreling through intersections in the mere seconds it takes a light to switch from yellow to red.

Local 6's Shaun Chaiyabhat showed the video to drivers who share Central Florida's roadways with millions of others each day.

In one example, an Ocoee police car is seen blowing through a red light.

"That's pretty bad to think that a police officer's doing that," said driver Kelly Powers.

Powers said the video will make her slow down and twice twice about speeding through a red light.

"I didn't like it. I think it's a little bit of a double-standard. If we're expected to stop, they should stop, too," said Powers.

In another incident, red light cameras caught an Ocoee cop slow down but never fully stop at a rainy intersection.

"You're supposed to stop. That's how you cause accidents, serious accidents," said driver Andrew Fountain.

According to Ocoee Police Department policy, cops are forced to pay red light tickets. Warnings are also issued if it's an officer's first offense. Officers could face termination if they're caught running a red light four times.

Police are not the lone offenders, though. After seeing footage of Orange County school buses failing to stop before red lights, the school district told Local 6 it is reviewing its policies.

Parents who entrust bus drivers with the safety of their children are concerned about the dangerous consequences.

"I'm worried about my kids getting hurt [and] somebody else's kid," a dad said.

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