Records: LYNX bus drivers fired over drugs, sending inappropriate texts

Local 6 finds multiple violations by LYNX bus drivers in last year

ORLANDO, Fla. - Local 6 has learned of several other bus driver violations in the last year--the most recent being a driver suspended after texting while driving.

A passenger sent Local 6 cellphone video of a driver texting while operating the Link 23 bus from Winter Park to Springs Village. Local 6 took the video to LYNX officials who confirmed the bus driver was texting while on his route.

In the most recent case, LYNX reviewed its own bus-mounted cameras and suspended the driver on the spot and LYNX has a zero tolerance policy, so the driver will likely be fired.

But Local 6 found within the last year, three drivers have tested positive for drugs, including two for cocaine and another was fired for refusing a random drug test, according to records.

"They need instant reflexes when they're driving those buses. And they can't do that if their mind is impaired with drugs," said passenger Almeda Sun.

One driver was fired after he texted a picture of his genitals to a female passenger after the passenger exchanged numbers with him for the driver to send her information about bus routes, the termination letter stated.

Another driver was fired for several road rage incidents, including one where she got into a confrontation with a passenger and drove the bus in the passenger's direction. In that driver's termination letter, her superiors wrote, "you're dangerous and callous actions in an attempt to intimidate or harm a passenger, could have killed or injured at least two people."

LYNX said the violations are taken seriously and dealt with swiftly.

"We have a zero tolerance policy and it's all about safety out there for our passengers out there and everyone else on the roadway," said Matt Friedman of LYNX.

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