Ring lost in Daytona Beach found 30 years later

Woman says her mother found the ring in Vero Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A class ring lost during a family trip to Daytona Beach finally turned up 30 years later.

Jim Seubert says he lost his Bloomington North High School graduation ring on the beach in 1983. He assumed the ring was lost for good until he received a call from a stranger a few weeks ago.

Marge Viswat told Seubert her mother, who lives in Vero Beach, had found the ring years ago and was keeping it in her jewelry box.

"It makes me happy to finally get this school ring back to the owner," Viswat wrote in a letter to Seubert.

"Never seen anything like this -- a ring like this returned after 30 years," Seubert told KSDK.

Seubert says he doesn't know how the ring got from Daytona Beach to Vero Beach. He assumes the waves and currents carried it there.

The timing of the finding is perfect for Seubert. He'll celebrate his 30th high school reunion in July with a story to tell.

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