School buses caught on camera running red lights

Orange County Public Schools rules do not cover red-light cameras

APOPKA, Fla. - A Local 6 investigation continues to highlight school bus drivers getting caught on camera running red lights.

Apopka police released videos from the 22 red-light cameras installed across the city. Among them, several Orange County Public School buses were seen driving through intersections after the light turned red.

The buses were found in violation of red lights at three intersections: Rock Springs Road and Martin Street; Rock Springs Road and East Welch Road; and Piedmont Wekiwa Road and Orange Blossom Trail.

Paula Hudnall regularly drives through one of the busy intersections.

"That's a dangerous intersection. I know a lot of crashes happen there," said Hudnall.

Local 6 showed the videos to parents, who asked what OCPS plans to do about these violations.

The district said it is reviewing rules that govern bus drivers and their punishments. The three bus drivers in the videos received "progressive discipline," according to OCPS, which means they received a written reprimand and paid the fine. They were also counseled afterward with a folllow-up of written directives.

Parents believe that's not enough.

"I think that's horrible. We trust our school buses to be taking our kids to school and to be in a safe environment, getting them there safe. It's disgusting seeing that on TV," said Dominique LeBoeuf. "I want them to do something about it."

Knowing how dangerous her local intersection can be, Hudnall advocates a strict one-strike policy if a bus driver runs a red light.

"If they're running a red light with kids on the bus, that's not right. They should be fired," said Hudnall.

It is unclear if any students were on any of the buses shown in the violations.

An update from an OCPS spokeswoman said the senior director of transportation is still working to rewrite the Safe Driver Plan.

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