Shoppers brave long Black Friday lines

Consumers say they hit stores for deals, excitement

ORLANDO, Fla. - From Seminole County to Orange County, shoppers are cashing in on Black Friday deals.

Fifty at a time, crowds rushed in from a line that wrapped around the Altamonte Springs Toys R Us, as shoppers cashed in on Black Friday deals Thursday night.

"You have a little list and have a little route down and you hope that you get what you want," said Ertha Walters, as she sat near the front of the line at the busy toys store.

One woman said she saved $500 last year, so she's back near the front of the line.

"Everybody's friendly and there's camaraderie and it's an adventure!"

Pleasantries aside, some had enough.

"I wasn't prepared for that. I've never been to Toys R Us on Black Friday. It was crazy," said Tammy Nieves. "There's madness in there! They have everything blocked off, you have to have a ticket, it's just not worth it."

While this Black Friday is already a headache for Nieves, she got what she wanted and was finished in less than a half hour.

Shoppers down the road at Best Buy hoped they were as lucky as they counted down to when the mega store opens at midnight.

Thumbing through the flier full of deals, Nivia Santos knows exactly what she's after. After eight years fighting Black Friday crowds, she's an expert. She started scoping out the stores days before.

"You have to go see beforehand where they're putting stuff, that way you know where to go," Santos said. "I've been doing it for a while. I'm usually very military about it, 'You go here, you go there, we meet up here!'"

Bust as some shoppers continued to stream into the parking lot in the final minutes before the store opened, other shoppers were leaving, empty-handed. Store employees handed out tickets, guaranteeing popular items to the first shoppers in line. Shoppers said TVs, laptops, and tablets went even before the store opened, proving that waiting for the deal pays off.

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