Standing water leaves mess in Windmere

Flooded lawns, pools a problem

WINDMERE, Fla. - Standing water from Tropical Storm Debby caused a big mess for neighbors in Windermere, where many had flooded pools and others just waited for imminent lawn problems.

Andrew McCarthy pumped water from his yard most of the day Monday. He said he doesn't even bother with trying to keep his front yard looking nice since water always keeps the green covered.

"The grass tends to get mushrooms and different funguses. So you can try and treat it but the most important thing is to pump the water out as soon as possible," said McCarthy.

McCarthy's neighbors didn't have yard problems, but some were worried about their pools. Marty Simmermacher, a pool specialist, said he got calls through the night Sunday. He was out draining flooded pools by morning.

"The most important thing is when you drain your pool out, to put a timer on it so you don't forget about it," said Simmermacher.

Pool experts said it's important to wait until after the storm to drain a pool. Most pools are designed to drain away from homes, but consult with a professional before starting the draining process.

Lawn care experts said standing water on lawns can cause fungus and disease, so it's important to contact someone when the problem is in its early stages.

Most of the water damage is purely cosmetic, but consult with an expert during cleanup.

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