Tech-savvy teen finds lost iPhone

Smartphone vanishes at church festival

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CLERMONT, Fla. - A wheelchair bound teenager dreamed of getting an iPhone.

Years later, Aaron Wood, 19, had one, only for it to vanish at a church festival.

"We went back to the church and looked everywhere, but we couldn't find it," said Aaron's mom, Kathy.

She had bought him the phone only three days before he lost it. But Aaron had synched the iPhone with his iPad, helping him track it down.

"I heard him calling, 'Mom, I see pictures coming in on my computer,'" said his mother.

The pictures were of a young man taking photos of himself with Aaron's phone. Aaron used his computer know-how to put the face with a name.

"It backed up to iCloud and I saw that his name was on one of the devices," said Aaron.

The teen continued looking for the mystery teenager on Facebook. He found the teen, who had posted about picking up the phone off the street.

Aaron filed a police report and hoped detectives would be able to track down his phone.

A few weeks later, Aaron and his mother were walking through the neighborhood when he saw someone he recognized.

"We saw kids that looked like kids in the pictures," said Aaron.

The pair confronted the teenager and asked for Aaron's iPhone back.

The 17-year-old gave them the phone and apologized. Aaron's mother said she's proud of her son's perseverance.

"He's always been very strong-willed and a fighter. He just doesn't give up," said Kathy.

The Woods decided against filing charges after hearing that the 17-year-old's mother had grounded him.

Aaron is working toward a degree in computer science, and hopes to one day work for Apple.

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