Teen victim's dad joins SCLC in call for action

Ron Davis using media attention of son's death to fight 'stand your ground' law

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Southern Christian Leadership Conference joined the father of 17-year old Jordan Davis on Friday to call for changes to Florida's "stand your ground" law.

Jordan Davis was killed the day after Thanksgiving when Michael Dunn fired eight shots into a SUV at a Southside Boulevard Gate gas station after a verbal confrontation with Davis and three other teenagers about the loud music coming from their vehicle. Through his lawyer, Dunn claimed he saw a shotgun pointed out of the window of the SUV and that he fired in self-defense.

Jacksonville police say no gun was found in the vehicle.

Standing at the spot where his son was shot and killed the day after Thanksgiving, Ron Davis said that while his son's death has the media's attention, he's going to keep pushing to change to Florida's stand your ground law.

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Davis said he has had calls from across the country and around the world about Florida's law that could allow a killer to claim their actions were justifiable homicide.

"I've had people call from Italy, so it's going around the world," Davis said. "So Florida, you have a chance to stand up, be counted, let everybody around the world know what Florida stands for."

The Florida president of the SCLC is joining Davis in the fight to change Florida's law, citing a study that found that justifiable homicides have increased five fold since Florida's stand-your-ground law was passed by the Florida Legislature five years ago.

"We're going to do whatever we need to do legally, we're going to do whatever we need to do peacefully to try and bring about a change about change in this state," said Pastor R.L. Gundy (pictured, standing right of Ron Davis at news conference).

Davis said he won't stop with changing Florida's law, but will join efforts to overturn similar statutes in other states.

Local ratio station WJBT is also helping spread the word about Jordan Davis' death by urging people to turn up their music.

"No one should ever lose their life because they turned up the radio when their favorite song came on," a 93.3 "The Beat" announcer told Channel 4.

The radio station says their turn-up-the-music campaign has spread to 15 or more other stations across the nation.

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