UCF fraternity's suspension adjusted after appeal

Sigma Chi allowed to return after fall 2014

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ORLANDO, Fla. - A University of Central Florida fraternity has had its suspension lessened after appealing its hazing allegation punishment.

The Sigma Chi fraternity was placed on suspension in February after hazing allegations were made against it. In March, it was decided that the suspension would last through fall 2016, but in response to the fraternity's appeal, UCF adjusted its sanctions to last until the end of fall 2014.

In a letter from UCF dated May 28, the president of Sigma Chi was told the initial decisions about the fraternity's case would be upheld, but sanctions would be adjusted.

Maribeth Ehasz, UCF vice president of Student Development and Enrollment Services, stated in the letter that "irregularities in fairness and stated procedures that could have affected the outcome of the [suspension] hearing," as well asĀ  sanctions extraordinarily disproportionate to the violation were deciding factors in the adjustment of sanctions.

Sigma Chi is still unable to use university resources or participate as an organization in university events for the remainder of its suspension.

The fraternity is required to develop a rehabilitation plan, along with its national headquarters, and include hazing and alcohol education curricula.

These requirements, as well as others pertaining to working with UCF and national fraternity advisory boards, must be met in order for Sigma Chi to return at the end of the fall 2014 term.

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