VIDEO: Florida's worst red-light runners of 2017

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

MIAMI - They are Florida's greatest "hits" in the worst possible meaning of the word.

Traffic camera provider American Traffic Solutions (ATS) released a video showing the Sunshine State's worst red-light runners of 2017.

While the highlights... or lowlights... are from all over the state, many occurred right here in Central Florida.

From Orlando to Lakeland to Ocoee, it appears Central Florida does not lack for drivers in a hurry who disregard traffic lights.

As much as commuters and drivers hate traffic cameras, the company claims red-light running at intersections with camera technology have been reduced by 5 percent.

Of course, ATS has a keen interest in the game as the company supplies traffic cameras to communities across the U.S., including several in Central Florida.

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