Wild car chase after teen steals car

Grandmother hopes teen learns his lesson with jail time

REDDICK, Fla. - When Marion County deputies arrested a 17-year-old driver for stealing a car, he learned it was his own grandmother who called 911.

"When you do wrong, you have to pay for what you do wrong," said Hettie Morgan, who ended her grandson's 2 am joyride when she called authorities, saying DeMario Morgan stole her car.

Dash-cam video released only to Local 6 shows a 10-minute long chase where the teen takes deputies through dirt roads and people's backyards. At one point, in the pitch dark, his grandmother's stolen Cadillac plows through a clothesline, while his buddies jump out of the moving car.

Then, the car drives on the wrong side of the road, runs a stop sign, and even loses the deputies in the darkness, all before the Cadillac eventually pulls over at a nearby Kangaroo in Reddick, Florida.

That's where Morgan and a 15-year-old girl give up after deputies pinned the car in the parking lot.

His grandmother wants him to learn his lesson before he turns 18 later this year, because it's the third time she's had to call authorities to correct his behavior.

"When you get to be a man, you get out and get a job," she said. "I hope he learned his lesson."

Morgan is expected in front of a judge next week, but his grandmother said he has already called her to apologize for the theft and to offer to help her pay for the damage to the car.

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