Woman with bat robs pizza delivery man

2 women stole food, took no money in Volusia robbery

DELTONA, Fla. - Volusia County sheriff's deputies are searching for two women who they said robbed a pizza delivery man and attacked him with a bat.

The women did not steal any cash, but got away with two large pizzas, some chicken wings and a apple pie from the Pizza Hut delivery man.

The meal cost roughly $40, but the women grabbed a bat instead of cash.

"While the customer was inside, a person came around the corner with a baseball bat and hit me in the head with it," the 19-year-old delivery man told a 911 dispatcher.

He came to the door along South Elston Drive in Deltona just after midnight Monday and was greeted by a woman who asked him to place the food on a table inside.

He exited the home when she said she needed to get money, and when the delivery man turned around, he discovered another woman wielding the bat.

She smacked him once in the head, but he wrestled the bat out of her hand, and she ran off.

[LISTEN:  Delivery man's 911 call]

By then, the woman claiming to be the customer had vanished with the pizzas.

"They hit me in the head with a baseball bat and the pizzas are inside the house and the customer has disappeared," he told the Volusia County Sheriff's Office dispatcher.

It's unclear if the motive was to rob him of cash or just the food.

Dispatcher: "Was that their intent or do you think maybe they're just crazy and aggressive?"

Victim: "All of the above."

In fact, it's the second time the same delivery driver had trouble at the house, possibly with same two women.

Jose Henriquez, who lives across the street from the house and saw deputies searching with flashlights for the suspects, thinks delivering pizzas just isn't safe anymore.

"They've got to be crazy, man. I wouldn't do it," said Henriquez. "Delivering pizza at that time in a neighborhood where you don't see the lights around here or anything? It's too dark."

Anyone with information about the robbery is urged to call the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

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