Longwood police launch campaign to stop credit card skimming

Local 6 rides along with officer checking ATMs for devices

LONGWOOD, Fla. - Local 6 got a behind the scenes look as Longwood police launched a campaign to stop credit card skimming on ATMs.

Police were trained on how to spot skimming devices and Local 6 rode along with officers who checked ATMs for devices, as well as checking for speeders and criminals.

"A lot of them can be rather easy to spot," said Corporal Andrew Caroen. "A lot of times they will stick little cameras around to where you can hardly see them."

Caroen said there's three things to look for: a camera on top of the machine that records your pin number, a phony keypad placed over the real keypad and the actual skimming device, usually stuck on top of or near the card scanner.

"They definitely vary, there usually about the same size as the card reader themselves or it could be an entire external device," said Caroen.

Police are starting the campaign after a sharp rise in skimmers, with nearly half a dozen skimmers have been found in the last few months, with thousands of dollars being stolen from unsuspecting people.

"ATMs that are found inside of stores and banks are much less likely to be victimized because it's more difficult to actually but the device on," said Caroen.

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