Lyman High School band camp works to keep kids cool in heat

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - It's the first day of band camp for dozens of students in Seminole County, but with a temperature that feels like its more than 100 degrees, keeping the kids cool and feeling well is just as important as hitting the right notes.

Monday is the first of many practices for the Lyman High marching band.

From 8 a.m. to noon, the Lyman High marching band practice with the sun beating down on them.

But with the help of 30 parent volunteers, the band has a makeshift cooling area for
when they get too hot. The tent houses fans and bed sheets to block out the sun.

"We had about six fall out first thing," says Doria Hairston, a volunteer.

To combat the heat, the 270 band members get breaks every 20 minutes where they can grab water, eat some fruit or grab a cold rag.

"They come off and they're a little dizzy, nauseous, some see spots," says band president Holly Kluger.

Weeks before Monday's practice started, the students were reminded to stay hydrated, to eat a healthy breakfast and to wear light clothing.

Sarah Ellingson is a senior who says many times it's the freshman that struggle in the heat.

"We had a few girls sit out because they couldn't handle the heat and the dance choreography at the same time."

While it's tough at first, veterans like Katie French say the hard work pays
off. By the end of Monday's practice, the band has already learned their first song.

"I always forgot how hot it is, but after awhile your walking around and your OK
as long as you have water and you've prepared."

A handful of students did have to sit out practice, but no one was sent home.

They will perform for their parents on Friday and their first performance at a game
will be at the end of August.

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