Machine covered in deadly bacteria stolen from hospital

Orlando police search for thieves

ORLANDO, Fla. - Police said thieves stole equipment from an Orlando hospital that could be covered in a deadly bacteria.

Orlando police said a pickup truck pulled up to the Florida Hospital Center for Diagnostic Pathology at 7:50 p.m. on May 11 and the occupants took a $500,000 pathology machine that was next to a large garbage bin.

The hospital threw out the expensive device because it was used to perform a brain biopsy on a patient who had died and tested positive for a prion disease.

There are many different types of prion diseases, including one similar to mad cow disease in humans. While these diseases are extremely dangerous, they are also extremely rare.

The hospital said it did take the proper precautions in disposing of the device.

Anyone with information about the theft is urged to call police.

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