Maitland businesses worry over redevelopment plan

MAITLAND, Fla. - Kappy's has been around for more than 40 years and in that time, Rachel Milsom hasn't seen much growth in the city.

Well the city says, it's 15 years overdue for a makeover and they are starting in the area from City Hall to Horatio Avenue.

The old Winn Dixie building would be torn down.

The stores in the plaza at Horatio Avenue and 17-92, including Subway and the crowd pleasing Jeremiah's, may have to move.

Jeremiah's is all for it saying people come for their product and moving a little won't affect business.

For Kappy's that is not an option.

"(It's a) never say never kind of thing, but we say we are the tastiest landmark and we want to stay put, stay where we are," Milsom said.

Verl Emrick, head of redevelopment for the city, said taxpayer dollars will not pay for the bulk of the project.

Developers would bring in the stores and restaurants to draw in crowds.

The park next to Maitland City Hall is one of the community's prize possessions.

People are hoping it expands to a half acre so people can enjoy the area as much as Central Park on Park Avenue in Winter Park.

The people will have a say-- the city will have the public vote on the proposal.

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