Maitland vice mayor on Orlando brothel list

Mark Risner charged with running brothel from home

ORLANDO, Fla. - Voters are reacting after a local city councilman admits to his involvement in a prostitution scandal.

Maitland Vice Mayor Phil Bonus' admission comes as more evidence was released on Tuesday in the alleged Orlando brothel that resulted in the stepping down of state Rep. Mike Horner from his candidacy.

From his home, and with his wife by his side, Bonus told Local 6, "We have forgiven each other and I have processed through this and it was a horrible chapter."

According to newly released records the "city councilman in Maitland" met hookers at least 5 times, sometimes for threesomes, at an east Orange County brothel. Investigators said the notes were taken by alleged pimp, Mark Risner, who also secretly video recorded some of the sexual encounters.

"This is just human error. It doesn't have anything to do with my community service in my view," said Bonus. "It's a private family matter for us."

However, some voters don't agree the matter is strictly private.

"If they can't trust you at home, we can't trust you out here," said Joyce Pigna. "What about his integrity? What about his honor? If it was so private, we wouldn't have found out about it."

"I think some people, their personal life does affect how they act in the community," said Anne Renee Potts.

Bonus' wife Sandy told Local 6 that her husband came clean to her long ago, and she stands by him.

"We almost got a divorce over it. I forgave him. His kids forgave him," she said. "He is not a God. He is a human man. He made horrible, horrific, ghastly choices that almost cost him his family."

In the 150 pages of evidence leading to the arrest of Mark Risner, the man accused of running the brothel from an Orlando home, alleged clients include teachers, doctors, professional athletes and local government leaders. Since none of the men have been charged with crimes, Local 6 has chosen not to name them.

Risner kept detailed notes on all the clients who inquired about his east Orange County brothel, but authorities aren't sure why. The list provides graphic descriptions of the clients' sexual interests and in many cases, a short biography of the customer such as "firefighter, short, fat and bald, has high blood pressure."

Investigators also seized a "black list" informing the prostitutes which customers they should avoid and reasons why, such as "bad breath."

Local 6 spoke to one of the former prostitutes who said they openly advertised their services online on websites which list more than 1,800 escorts in the Central Florida area. The woman said each of the prostitutes at the brothel had their own websites providing clients with pictures and written descriptions of what they look like, along with their rates.

Customers can also review the women and post it so potential clients can see.

Investigators with the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation were first called out to Risner's home in August 2011, after getting an anonymous tip about a possible brothel. In October 2011, agents went through Risner's trash and found torn up pieces of paper. When pieced together, the papers revealed a prostitution client list.

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