Man, 87, dies after being beaten with sledgehammer

55-year-old son arrested in Central Florida

OCALA, Fla. - An 87-year-old Central Florida man allegedly beaten by his son with a pipe and sledgehammer has died, according to officials.

Ocala police said 55-year-old Allen Croskey admitted he beat his father with a pipe and then hit him in the head twice with a sledgehammer. 

Police were called to their home Wednesday because of a disturbance, and said they found a pool of blood on the carport and the 87-year-old's body lying next to some bushes in the yard.

Croskey was outside with a pipe in his hand, according to an arrest report.

Croskey told police he left the house Tuesday morning to go to the soup kitchen. He said when he returned, his father accused him of damaging a vacuum cleaner, according to the arrest report.  Croskey said his father then threatened him with a sledgehammer and told him to leave the house, according to police.

Croskey told police he went to his neighbor's yard and got a metal pipe from a broken chain-link fence. He went back to the house and hit his father in the head, according to the report.

When his father fell, Croskey then hit him twice in the head with a sledgehammer, according to police.

Croskey said he then dragged his father's body outside near some bushes, the arrest report stated. He told police he went back to the house and got two blankets, covering his father's body.  He said he was going to wrap him up and "bury his body," according to police.

When police were transporting Croskey to jail, Croskey was asked if he beat his father.

"I believe he deserves to have about two or three years in the hospital," Croskey said.

The 87-year-old later died, Ocala police tweeted on Saturday.

Local 6 reporter Louis Bolden asked Croskey, "What do you deserve after beating an 87-year-old man?"

"Red is blood. Jesus' blood takes care of all of us," Croskey said.

Croskey was arrested on attempted murder charges, but those will likely be upgraded to murder.

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