Man accused of exposing himself to neighborhood kids

Harold Donald Baker faces stalking, lewd and exposure charges

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A man accused of exposing himself to neighborhood children cannot have any contact with them after his release from jail late Monday night.

The allegations started with gifts to neighborhood kids, like Skittles and chocolate, but then the victims said he began exposing himself.

"He would be outside and he'd be doing nasty stuff with himself. They said he watched porn too," said Carol Moreno, 15, who said her friends told her their neighbor had been exposing himself for the past month. "I didn't see anything, so I didn't know if it's true or not because they're kids and they might make things up."

Neighbors have known 68-year-old Harold Donald Baker for years. The kids call him "Don" and they often play in his yard and in his tree. That's where they said they saw him exposing himself through his window.

Only recently did the allegations come forward.

Then, according to the Orange County Sheriff's deputy report, things seemed to escalate.

Baker repeatedly tapped on one girl's window, gave her gifts, and sometimes left them on her windowsill, said the report. The report said Baker followed children up and down the neighborhood, even hid in bushes to look in their windows.

One girl said she saw pictures of her sister on Baker's computer. According to the report, it appears at least three different children -- both boys and girls -- witnessed what happened.

When Moreno's mother learned about the allegations last week, she reminded her children that not everyone can be trusted.

"We have a little sister too, so we didn't want anything to happen to her. We told our mom, and she was like, 'Just don't go near over there,'" said Moreno.

Baker now faces stalking, lewd and exposure charges and was also told he can't have any unsupervised contact with children.

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