Man accused of taking photo of boy on toilet at Disney World, says deputies

59-year-old man faces felony charge of voyeurism of a minor

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Deputies say a Pennsylvania man who identified himself as a "Scout leader" took a photo of an 8-year-old boy in a restroom at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Authorities responded to Disney's Animal Kingdom at 11:25 a.m. on Aug. 2 after receiving reports of a sexual offense.

The 8-year-old boy told deputies he went into a stall inside the men's restroom and sat on the toilet.

Afterwards, the boy said he saw a "guy" in the stall to the right stick his hand with a cell phone under the stall partition and took several photos of him, deputies said.

Deputies said the boy could also see the man's shoes under the stall partition.

The boy immediately pulled up his pants and ran outside to tell his mother.

The mother told deputies she was waiting outside for her son to come out, when she suddenly saw him running out towards her crying and telling her what had happened.

They both returned inside the rest room, where deputies said the boy pointed to the man, identified by deputies as 59-year-old Joseph Cionzynski of Lansdale, Pa., who took the photos.

Deputies said the boy identified Cionzynski by his shoes, which matched the shoes he saw on the person taking the photos from the other stall.

The mother pointer her finger at Cionzynski and said, according to deputies, "You took a picture of my son. If you are a child molester, I am going to call security right now."

According to the mother, there were also several other men and boys in the restroom besides the one identified by the boy.

After security was notified, deputies said Cionzynski stepped out of the restroom as security arrived, and was then escorted.

The mother affirmed that due to the fact that her son is a minor, she said she will prosecute and return to testify in court as necessary.

Cionzynski told deputies he was willing and eager to assist in anyway he could to resolve the situation, which he feels was just a "minor misunderstanding."

Cionzynski added that as a Scout leader he takes these types of situations very seriously and would do whatever he could to help.

Cionzynski allowed deputies to search through his phone. Initially, deputies said they found two photos of adult male genitalia on Cionzynski's phone, but none of the boy sitting on the toilet.

Later in the day, deputies took Cionzynski's phone for further investigation. Cionzynski was also issued a trespass warning from all Disney property, as requested by a Disney security manager.

After a complete examination of the Cionzynski's phone, deputies said the photos of the incident were discovered and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Cionzynski faces a felony charge of voyeurism of a minor.

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