Man arrested after meth lab bust

Christopher Seckington, 54, arrested after stake out

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - Altamonte Springs Police and hazmat crews searched a home Tuesday they say was doubling as a methamphetamine operation.

Christopher Seckington, 54, was arrested at the entrance of his neighborhood in the River Bend community after police tell Local 6 he was on his way to buy more ingredients to make meth.

"The quantity he was making definitely would have started a fire," said Commander Mark Anderson. "It would have injured people or him or anyone else present in the house."

To prove Seckington was producing and selling meth, investigators staked out his house for a week and got tips from neighbors.

"I knew there was drug activity because there was so many cars there all the time," said Judy Krumwiede. "I hope he's out of here for good this time."

Police have had several run-ins with Seckington, including two standoffs with officers. In one instance back in 2012, Seckington shot a man and barricaded himself in the house for hours. Then in July, neighbors told police he was walking around with a shot gun.

"It makes me feel good we got the neighborhood back again," said neighbor Pete Bucklew.

"I'm glad that he's gone, behind bars where he belongs."

Seckington is being held without bond status.

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