Man arrested after Volusia County deputies say he abused disabled brother

Man charged with neglect of elderly in verbal, physical abuse allegations

By Loren Korn - Reporter

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Edward Sutton, 60,  is accused of verbally and physically abusing his disabled brother, but he told Local 6 said it's all a lie.

From the outside looking in, Chic Sterling said he knew something wasn't right across the street.

"I spoken with him quite a few times and asked him how he was doing. He gave me this weird, I'm OK, like he was trying to cover up something," said Sterling.

Sutton not only said these allegations are a mistake he welcomed Local 6 into his home on Linda Lane to answer our questions.

Local 6 asked Sutton, "have you ever slapped your brother, punched him, hit him, any of those?"

"Absolutely not! Never ever!" Sutton said.

Local 6 then asked, "Have you verbally abused him?"

Sutton replied, "I may have verbally abused him once in a while but he's my brother."

Daytona Beach police say the man also strapped down his 61-year-old brother and left him for hours.

"I would strap the one arm where he would generally be able to cause more harm. I have left him, but I haven't left him for hours and hours," said Sutton.

Sutton also showed Local 6 his makeshift lift on the open bed of his pickup that he used for taking his brother on trips. It's also something police were concerned about.

Sutton said he did his best to care for his sick brother and can't believe the allegations against him.

"This story isn't even close to what's being told," said Sutton.

Sutton is charged with neglect of the elderly. His brother has since been moved to a nursing home.

Police said the roommate who tipped them off, submitted cell phone video and pictures of the reported abuse. She also filed a restraining order against Sutton.

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