Brevard School Board candidate arrested during LGBT meeting

Constantine Paterakis taken to Brevard County Jail

By James Sparvero - Reporter

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Melbourne man is not halting his school board campaign despite being arrested Tuesday night at the Brevard County School Board meeting.

Dean Paterakis was removed from the meeting by sheriff's deputies after the board chairman says his actions and language were inappropriate.

Paterakis addressed the board in his words, to expose some wrongdoings by school leaders.

"There are three things that are not long hidden - the sun, the moon and the truth," said Paterakis quoting Buddha.  "The truth will soon come out."

He talked about a county high school teacher who a couple years back Paterakis says showed students a lewd picture of himself.

The teacher remains employed by the district.

The board chairman says Paterakis was out of line and cut him off.

"I felt he crossed the line," said Chairman Andy Ziegler.  "I told him that he could no longer finish."

Paterakis tried standing his ground as some in the audience began chanting, "let him speak, let him speak." 
But Paterakis was still carried out of the meeting by his arms and legs.

He was arrested and charged with disrupting a school function and resisting an officer without violence.
Paterakis posted a $750 bond before midnight.

"Obviously, what they did to me was absolutely wrong," said Paterakis. "It was against my constitutional rights."
While Paterakis says he came to the school board to expose corruption, school leaders say there's nothing for him to find.

News 6 asked school leaders if any such corruption exists.

Michelle Irwin, spokeswoman for Brevard County Schools answered, "not that I'm aware of."

And Board Chairman Ziegler, answering the same question replied, "there is not."

News 6 also asked Paterakis what it's like to be thrown out of a school board meeting.

He answered, "I was told by a friend that because you have the right to be at a public forum like this at the school board, that you just squat and you force the police officers to escort you out because now they're violating your constitutional right."

The board says the man's rights were not violated.

"I would say no, it was not violated," said Ziegler.  "He was welcome to speak about whatever he wanted at the level of civility that I set."

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