Man arrested, tased over Nike shoes at elementary school, Sanford police say

Police: Teco Livingston charged after going to Wicklow Elementary School to find $140 shoes

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SANFORD, Fla. - A man who caused a disturbance at a Sanford elementary school over Nike shoes was shot with a stun gun and arrested, according to Sanford police.

Police arrived after 8 a.m. Tuesday at Wicklow Elementary School in Sanford.

The school's secretary told police a man, identified as Teco Livingston, was looking for someone, saying he was going to "teach him a lesson," the police report read.

The officer entered the guidance office and was approached by Livingston. He told police he wanted his shoes and wouldn't leave until he received them.

Livingston and the officer went outside to continue discussing the shoes to prevent disrupting school, police said.

Livingston told the officer the person he was looking for was wearing his $140 Jordan shoes to school without his permission and he wanted them back, according to the report. Livingston said he brought a pair of shoes for the person he was seeking to change into so he could get his shoes back.

The officer told Livingston he would go get his shoes and bring them back. Police said the officer asked the person who allegedly took Livingston's shoes if he had them. A pair of gray shoes were on a table in the guidance office and someone said, "That's the shoes on the table," according to the report.

The person who had Livingston's shoes told police Livingston had battered him by grabbing him around the neck and striking him several times in the head. According to the report, a witness saw those actions occur, but the officer found no visible injuries.

An investigator arrived at the front of the school and met with the officer. The officer asked Livingston if he placed his hands on anyone while at the school. According to the report, Livingston said, "No, I would not do that. He's a child."

The officer told Livingston several witnesses said they saw him place his hands on someone.

Police said the officer took hold of Livingston's right hand in order to place it behind his back for handcuffing. According to the report, Livingston tensed up and said, "I'm not going back to jail."

The officer gave Livingston several loud verbal commands to stop resisting. Police said the investigator grabbed Livingston by the left arm in order to take him into custody. Livingston once again said, "I'm not going back to jail," and continued to resist and ignore all lawful commands, according to the report.

Police said the officer released his grip and deployed his department-issued stun gun, striking Livingston in the upper-right arm. Livingston was knocked to the ground by the impact, according to the report.

The investigator then placed Livingston in handcuffs and he was taken to the Seminole County jail by another officer, police said.

Medical personnel arrived at the school to check for any injuries.

Sanford police said Livingston was charged with cruelty toward a child/abuse of a child without great bodily harm, resisting an officer/obstruct without violence, trespassing on school grounds, and disturbing the peace-interfering with school administration functions. Bond was set at $2,150.

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