Man beaten in 'unprovoked' attack after UF-LSU game

Victim says his nose was broken in 8 places

By Sean Lavin - Producer

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Gainesville police are investigating what they believe to be an "unprovoked" attack on man after Saturday's UF-LSU game that left him hospitalized with a broken nose and eye socket.

"My nose broke in about eight places," Joe Cappelletti, 28, told Local 6 Monday, adding that he's scheduled to have surgery Tuesday morning.

Cappelletti said he hopes someone who witnessed the attack, which happened 200 yards from Ben Hill Griffin stadium, has video or pictures that can help police track down those responsible. 

And that may be the only way police can make an arrest. Gainesville police spokesman Ben Tobias told Local 6 the description of their main suspect is not very helpful -- it's a man in his early 20s wearing a Gators t-shirt on game day and standing about 5-foot-7.

Tobias said a bunch of witnesses corroborated Cappelletti's account of what happened, and that it appeared to be an "unprovoked" incident where the victim did not know the five suspects listed, which included three white males and two white females.

There were a total of four other victims with Cappelletti, who suffered much less serious injuries, Tobias said.

Tobias admitted that when 90,000 people gather for a football game and drink that some fights are bound to happen, but said the level of injury Cappelletti suffered is not something he sees regularly after games.

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