Man charged after attempted murder at barbershop

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OCALA, Fla. - A man has been arrested and charged after an attempted murder at an Ocala barbershop.

On Nov. 30, police responded to the Alpha Barbershop on Magnolia Avenue in reference to a robbery and attempted felony murder, in which authorities said two people were shot and robbed of their money and cell phones.

Police received information on Dec. 9 that the stolen phone was at Spring Manor Apartment on Northeast 7th Street.

As they were traveling westbound on Northeast 3rd Street, police made contact with two women, who live at the apartment complex, walking with baby strollers.

An officer asked if either of them had a cell phone, in which one of them showed the officer a black phone with a broken screen. Police asked her if she had another one, and then pulled one out of her back pocket. The black phone had a chrome screen protector, which was similar to the one described by one of the shooting victims.

Police then took the two women to the police department for an interview. The woman said that her friend "J" gave her the phone as a gift on Friday. She said that "J" told her he bought it from somebody would not tell her from whom.

The woman said she had been talking to the guy for a while and only knew him by "J," but somebody from Spring Manor told her his name of Lenz.

After a photographic lineup with Orenzo Fitzpatrick included, the woman positively identified him as the one who gave her the phone.

Police then conducted a recorded controlled phone call to Fitzpatrick with the woman. During the interview, Fitzpatrick told her, "I told you it was in a robbery," when describing how he got the phone.

When the woman told Fitzpatrick she called the voicemail and it said Alpha Barbershop, Fitzpatrick told her, "I told you not to use the phone." Police said a warrant was then obtained for Fitzpatrick for dealing in stolen property and tampering with evidence.

On Friday, police found Fitzpatrick in the area of Spring Manor Apartments and then fled on foot. He was then taken into custody in front of the Winn-Dixie on Northeast 14th Street.

Fitzpatrick told police that two men asked him about getting a gun so they could do a robbery and they talked about places to rob. He was later called by the men and was told they robbed and shot two guys, according to police.

Fitzpatrick also said that he met up with the robbers and he received the Sprint Evo from the robbery.

Fitzpatrick was charged with principal in the first to robbery with a firearm and principal in the first to attempted felony murder.

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